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Placed Items
Gems x5
Wood x10
Allows player to set respawn point. As long as it is not destroyed and you are bound here you will respawn at this location. Uplinks also provide a way to summon Friend or Foe group members. You can summon your friends once every 30 minutes. Additionally payers can only accept a summon ever 10 minutes.

The Uplink is a basic survival item in the world of GRAV. Its main functionality is to allow the player to respawn at the location of their latest bound uplink when logging onto the server and after being killed. A player can have one bound Uplink on each planet or moon. It is possible to bind to an Uplink built by another player. When building a new Uplink, the player will be unbound from any previous links on the planet/moon and bound to the new Uplink.

Players of the same FoF party can summon friendly players at an Uplink. Each upgrade allows one additional player to be summoned, up to a maximum of 6. Summoning at an Uplink starts a 30 minute cooldown until friendly players can be summoned again. This function can be extremely useful.