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Material Costs[edit source]

This page lists Guardian NanoChips as being a requirement for building a Doom Buggy but the Doom Buggy page does not list it. Also from playing the game I don't believe that's the case either.

All of the other vehicles mentioned here also list material costs -- I don't think this is a reasonable place for this. The specific pages should be the only source of information on construction costs. This page should simply be used to provide a quick overview for each vehicle type in the game. Ldicker (talk) 06:07, 20 April 2017 (UTC)

fuel use[edit source]

Yeah, I just copied ore from the tooltip. Seems we're all wrong right now. I completely forgot the change to Fossils instead. V6o (talk) 19:07, 21 January 2015 (UTC)


UpkeepCosts=(ResourceType=ERT_Wood, ResourceBurnRatePerMinute=40, ZeroAccelMultiplier=0.025)

UpkeepCosts=(ResourceType=ERT_Wood, ResourceBurnRatePerMinute=20, ZeroAccelMultiplier=0.025)
UpkeepCosts=(ResourceType=ERT_Fossil, ResourceBurnRatePerMinute=1, ZeroAccelMultiplier=0.025)

UpkeepCosts=(ResourceType=ERT_Wood, ResourceBurnRatePerMinute=120, ZeroAccelMultiplier=0.0125)

UpkeepCosts=(ResourceType=ERT_Wood, ResourceBurnRatePerMinute=60, ZeroAccelMultiplier=0.0125)
UpkeepCosts=(ResourceType=ERT_Fossil, ResourceBurnRatePerMinute=6, ZeroAccelMultiplier=0.0125)