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Summary[edit | edit source]

In Grav, there are multiple planets acessible to all players. Generally planets can be divided into three categories: planets for beginners, advanced players and veteran players (also referred to as low, mid and high planets).

Low Planets[edit | edit source]

Low Planets are generally good for lower level players (with enemies ranging from 19 - 29), similar to Moons. These include the following: Arid Terra, Barren Orb, Cruna 9PFN, Dusty Terrene, Hyperion, Peflao H67, Poscada 09R4, Sharan Sphere, Vega IV, Xathov, Zarine.

Low planets come in three environmental varieties: heat, radiation and temperate.

Mid Planets[edit | edit source]

Mid Planets are populated with mid-range enemies (levels 29 - 44). These include the following: Arctic Rock, Deadalus, Delta Glacial V, Frozen Yeoter, Gratian, Icebound Strora, Pertinax, Ratov SLM, Whion.

Mid planets come in two environmental varieties: cold and temperate.

High Planets[edit | edit source]

High Planets are populated with high level enemies (levels 44+). These include the following: Argan, Blaotis, Croom, Drade KRGY, Fornjot, Grion, Hailiv 7E9R, Kealiv 7MY5, Loge, Priri, Surtur, Traiepra P631, Zomer 37Q

High planets come in two environmental varieties: extreme low oxygen, extreme heat, extreme radiation, temperate.