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Summary[edit | edit source]

All Home Planets of GRAV share the same set of moons. These are Somber Moon, Ominous Moon, Grim Moon, Bleak Moon, Forsaken Moon, Callous Moon, Desolate Moon and Sinister Moon. Moons can be accessed by using a Moon Stargate and are recommended for player levels from 13 - 30. Moons are one of the very few places where plasma can be harvested.

Surviving can be difficult for new players due to the low oxygen environment. It is advisable to craft enough Cans of Air (via Kitchenette) until the Plasma Armor or Gem Armor is obtained. Once a complete set of Plasma Armor or Gem Armor is equiped, consuming cans of air is no longer necessary.

Moons feature a significantly lower gravity than found on home planets and therefore offer a completely different gameplay experience.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Purple atmosphere with large rock loops. Is an excellent location for harvesting wood.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Moons are a rather controversial place for two main reasons

  1. Since moons are shared among all home planets, there are usually a lot of players on the moon at peak times. This often leads to players with a higher rank hunting down low level players. The moon is a good place to farm different resources (such as wood and plasma) but a rather dangerous one as well.
  2. Moons are often taxed by different players or sometimes even by a single player exclusively. Because of their potential profitability, tax rates on moons tend to be very high. Area Totems are frequently destroyed on moons because of this.