Loot Crate

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Loot Crate
Loot crate.jpg
Base resource found in the world of GRAV. Loot crates are found randomly throughout the world. Mine it and you will get a ton of loot from it!

To harvest a Loot Crate you must hold a combined Playerrank at least equal or greater then the level of the loot crate. If you are that rank or greater, you can open the loot crate through pressing the E key. Once opened it immediately drops various resources, also including minor amounts of tundrite, sunstone and element X. In the area of the loot crate, more dangerous enemies such as Nightkillers, Techno Hunters and sometimes Guardians spawn to defend the lootcrate. Inside Alien towers lootcrates can be found on almost every other floor of the tower. Also cave boss rooms and space ship wrecks usually hold lootcrates.