Laser Fence Node

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Laser Fence Node
One end of a laser fence! Get off my lawn
Item Cost Need
Element-X 150

The Laser Fence Node is a defense item in the world of GRAV. The laserfence node needs to be unlocked for 150 Element-X at a research station. Upgrading a laserfence node will add one additional laser beam per level with a possible maximum of 6 laser beams. Each level also increases the amount of damage dealt by the laser. Nodes that are created close enough to each other will connect together, following the order they are beeing built in a line. Lacer fence nodes are commonly used to keep creatures and enemies away from player bases. Nodes can be placed inside of rooms and will also connect trough the walls, allowing for purposeful defences while keeping the nodes themself save within a room protected by a shield generator. Players in the same FoF group will not be harmed by laser beams.

Laserfence beams can deal massive amounts of damage when stacked crossover, mostly resulting in instant death for players who get cought within the beams. For that reason laser nodes are an excellent choice for securing teleporter rooms and base forcefield doors.