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Fast moving Aircraft with VTOL and cruise modes.
Item Cost Need
Gems 3500
Ore 4500
Artifacts 350
Tundrite 1500
FlyingBug Venom 4
Vehicle Bay Level Required: 3
Required Pilot Level: 30

The Hammerhead is a vehicle.

The Hammerhead is a high-level vehicle. You can loot the Blueprint for it while playing the Pilot Job. You need a Vehicle Bay to craft it and it is very expensive. It allows you to move very fast through any planets and consumes A LOT of Plasma. It is rumored it can carry up to three players at once.

Blueprint drop[edit | edit source]

While using a level 30+ pilot. Drops from level 35 - 45 flying bug bosses. 7.5% chance to drop Requires vehicle bay level 4

Stats[edit | edit source]

Health - 2250

Hazard protection

3 seater

Flying vehicle capable of VTOL, toggle by pressing space when flight mode is at /near zero acceleration

Vehicle takes impact damage

Consumes plasma for fuel. Rate of 100 per min. 0.5x multiplier during zero acceleration

Consumes plasma for boost. Rate of 250 per min. 0.5x multiplier during zero acceleration

All seats control one turret. Consumes 2 ores per shot, same as centurion

Damage multipliers to vehicle[edit | edit source]

Bullet - 0.5 Melee - 0.05 Landmine - 15.0

Variations[edit | edit source]

  • There's currently no Hammerhead+.