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Friend, or Foe?[edit | edit source]

Grouping in Grav: Reborn is currently very simple, and handled from the console (~, or tab key). You have a FoF code, if a person has the same FoF code as you they are a friend. If not, they are a Foe (UnFriendly)

Setting your FoF Code[edit | edit source]

First, think of a number. The longer the number the better. You can have up to 9 digits in the fof code. Open the console with Tab, or the ~ key and type

ClientSetFoFCode [number]

so if the number you had come up with was 123456789, your command would be

ClientSetFofCode 123456789

That's it! make sure your friends run the exact same command and you'll all be in the same team

Checking your Fof Code[edit | edit source]

From console run:


Changing your FoF Code[edit | edit source]

When changing your FoF code, run the same command as in the Setting section above. This changes your current player FoF code, but does not update anything that you have already built!

In order to update generators, shields, doors, guns, fences, storage and other structures you must interact with them. After you've done this they will be updated to the new FoF code you have. In multiple-player bases, it must be the owner (Creator) of the object that updates it.