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Drill Platform
Drill Platform.jpg
Gems x11000
Ore x11000
Organics x11000
Element-X x6000
Plasma x4000
A Drill Platform is ALWAYS Public. Every (Time Period) you will receive an assorted amount of Resource and Crafting Material that you can take from the Platform's Storage Bin.

The Drill Platform is a structure that acts as a supply for blueprints, resources and materials. An engineers job level of 40 is required to build the structure but is not necessary to aquire the blueprint itself.

This structure consumes plasma to run (~500/h) and needs 1+ hours to complete a drill cycle. Once a cycle is completed, the drill will erupt 3 times and eject resources, dark gaia essence and also Blueprints. The player has to be present at the drills location to gather the errupting ressources.

The type of blueprints dropped by the platform is dependent on the drills location and level of the grid quadrant it got placed in. A drill on the Home Planet will give other blueprints than a drill on a high planet. Each upgrade reduces the drill time and the rate of plasma consumed. Drill Platforms are mostly found on high planets. New players beware, the drill does not free you from the general task of resoure gathering, it simply adds a viable source for blueprints and rare crafting materials, the output of the basic resources like Gems, Ore, Organics, Element-X, Plasma and Fossils can only be described as mediocre (hundreds not thousands).

Upgrading and running a drill platform is highly expensive. Especially for upgrading it is adviced to unlock the engineers job lvl 50 base item constrution cost reduction and level the skill to maximun. This will drasticly decrease the build/upgrade cost, as well as using a maximum number of constructo bots.

History[edit | edit source]

Patch 14.1: Added(Not available to players at this time.)

In former versions of the game, the drill needed ~3.500 Plasma to complete a single cycle. A cycle on a lvl 1 drill required 12 hours to complete. The drill time then was reduced to 4h+ initially. The drill time was further reduced to 1h+ initially.

Because of official servers having a planet rotation time of ~4h, it was only possible to finish a drill cycle with a fully lvl 6 upgraded drill platform. Without the platform having a level of 6, the drill cycle would be aborted prematurely through the planet going out of orbit. The cycle then had to be restarted when the same planet would come up ~8 to ~12 hours later, which made it impossible to sucessfully collect any resources or blueprints from Exo planets from any drill, other than a lvl 6.