Collapsed Star Chunk

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Collapsed Star Chunk
Collapsed Star Chunk.png
Mid Planets
The collapsed star chunk can somehow still be carried around.
Crafting Material found on Mid Planets.

Collapsed Star Chunk is a material found on Mid Planets. It may be purchased from Mr. Vendroids and has a chance of dropping from Tech Hunters. Collapsed Star Chunk is an extremely rare item used to craft the Artifact Decrypter.

Harvest Strategies[edit | edit source]

The Collapsed Star Chunk drops from Tech Hunter's level 35+ on Mid Planets but this is extremely rare. It is a lot easier to purchase these from Mr. Vendroid's.

To find a Mr. Vendroid with Collapsed Star Chunk, head to a Mid Planet. Check each Mr. Vendroid you can find. Observed costs range from 30 - 99 Element-X.