Camp Fire

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Camp Fire
Camp fire.PNG
Placed Items
Wood x10
It will keep you warm at night. If there is enough wood to burn. A special feature of the Camp Fire is its ability to heal you. Just light a fire and then hit (X) to dance next to it while you listen to the awesome GRAV beats. If you have anyone playing with you that have them join the dance. It will not only increase the speed at which everyone heals but also add to the music. Mobs will try to destroy the campfire.

The Camp Fire is a basic survival item in the world of GRAV. It can be used to simply light up small areas by night or to store small amounts of basic resources. A Camp Fire does protect from low temprature environmental hazard which occurs in tundra areas.

The Camp Fire can be upgraded to a maximum level of 6. Each level will increase its storage capacity and also lower its wood consumption rate to keep it burning.