Bubble Shield

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Bubble Shield.png
Bubble Shield

Powered Base Item

When powered and activated, blocks incoming projectiles and protects against Environmental Hazards.
Item Cost Need
Gems 60
Ore 60
Fossils 60

The Bubble Shield is a special type of shield in GRAV and requires power from a Generator. It protects against projectiles and missiles and also serves as a protection from Environmental Hazards (cold, heat, low oxygen, radiation, etc.) that occurs on some planets. This is extremely useful for new players that do not yet have a full armor set to withstand dangerous environments.

A Bubble Shield can be upgraded to a maximum level of 6. Higher level Bubble Shields can withstand an enormous amount of damage. Upgrading a Bubble Shield also expands its radius. Bubble Shields can be found quite frequently on the desert planet "Great Basin" and are often part of Public Bases.

The Bubble Shield should not be mistaken with the Shield Generator, which is used to shield rooms and prevent decay. A Bubble Shield cannot prevent decay or destruction by other players.

Upgrade Costs[edit | edit source]

Level Cost
2 Gems x120
Ore x120
Fossils x120
3 Gems x150
Ore x150
Fossils x150
4 Gems x180
Ore x180
Fossils x180
5 Gems x210
Ore x210
Fossils x210
6 Gems x240
Ore x240
Fossils x240

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