Automated Gun Turret

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Automated Gun Turret
Placed Items
Protect your base! Needs a generator to power it and will also use lots of ammo if many enemies are around!

The Automated Gun Turret is a defense item in the world of GRAV. Enemies killed by the turret will drop nothing, however player kills will be recorded. Turrets need to be powered by a generator and require ore that is used as ammunition. Upgrading the turret will also increase the ammo storage and damage dealt. Turrets have a short range of spotting players and should not be placed too openly visible/accessible. Turrets are an excellent choice to guard forcefield doors and inside of base rooms as players are close enough to turrets and cannot escape quickly from within a room. Keep in mind that gun turrets are scanning the environment in a 180 deg mainly horizontal plain and thus are vulnerable to attacks from above or below, altough turrets will also target players flying by with a jet pack or wingsuit. For air defence the gun turret can be combined with Anti-Aircraft turrets which specifically target flying players and flying vehicles, eg. hammer heads.