Area Totem

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Area Totem
Placed Items
Gems x250
Ore x250
Fossils x250
Wood x250
Claim an area as your very own! Claiming a Grid Area allows you to Tax all harvested resources. Set a tax rate from 5-20%. You may collect taxes by returning to the Area Totem.

The Area Totem is a placed item that allows you to claim a plot of land as your own. When placed, it allows taxation of all resources harvested within the grid location it's in. A tax rate 5% - 20% can be set giving the Area Totem's owner this amount of all resources gathered. The owning player must return to the Area Totem to collect taxed resources.

The Area Totem blueprint can be dropped by any mob of level 10+ with a drop chance of 10%.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Placing a totem near or even inside a players base is not suggested. If a totem is placed, the base becomes raidable by EMP. This is a common mistake often made by players who are new to the game.

The best place to put an Area Totem is on a moon as they are highly frequented and a popular place to gather large amounts of resources, especially plasma. This leads to moon Totems being the number one target to EMP attacks because they are very profitable to the owner and high tax rates often provoke an EMP Attack.